Kids Dot Calm Testimonials
“I love Steph’s lessons. I’m just starting my second set of 6 and I’m a lot happier than I used to be. She supports me and makes me feel happy, and she’s so kind and caring. What she does is so fun and she is just like my friend.”
E.P - West Kirby
“Steph’s sessions are the best! They’ve really helped me lots. I feel better about myself and I find it much easier to make friends now.”
S.R - Neston
“I feel much more confident since I started coming to Kids Dot Calm. Steph has helped me to see things in a different way and I cope with hard things much better. I look forward to going every week because we do fun things that help me.”
H.S - Bebington
“We are so grateful to Steph for everything she has done for our daughter. Things were really hard for her before, which, as a parent, was awful to see, but the difference in her since coming to Kids Dot Calm is huge. She is now in her third block of sessions and seems much happier and is able to deal with things in a more positive way. I feel hopeful that she will continue to use the things that Steph has taught her once her sessions finish, but if she ever starts to struggle again, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her back.”
H.S - Bebington
“Our son took part in a group self-esteem workshop. It was extremely helpful for him to see that other children feel the same way as him. Steph made him feel comfortable straight away. She has a very calm manner and is professional and extremely knowledgeable. Our son enjoyed the workshop and said it was fun and really helped him.”
D.H - Greasby
“My daughter was suffering from huge anxiety about secondary school and sitting her 11+ tests. Steph taught her a lot of really helpful strategies for managing her anxiety and coping with the stress of the exams. Understanding her anxiety has helped her massively and Steph’s support has been invaluable. She was nervous but she approached the tests with a positive attitude and was able to cope, which we didn’t think she was going to at one point. She is now feeling a lot more positive and confident about starting secondary school, and even says she is looking forward to it! I would definitely recommend Kids Dot Calm for any child struggling with stress or anxiety.”
R.G - Heswall
“Our son has suffered from a flying phobia since he was small which has meant that we have never been able to go on holiday. He is 11 now and really wanted to face his fear so that we could go to a family wedding in Cyprus. Steph worked with him for 12 weeks before we went with fantastic results, and I can’t put into words how grateful we are. We were able to go on our family holiday and our son was able to overcome his fear, and cope with the airport and the flight using the relaxation techniques that Steph taught him. He enjoyed the wedding and the holiday without worrying about the flight home!”
J.B - Upton
“I feel more happy and positive since I started coming to Kids Dot Calm. I think about how other people feel more now, and I try to keep going when things are hard now instead of getting cross.”
H.B - Heswall